After a lifetime in the Corporate world and suffering a few redundancies between us, we, Mark and Dawn, decided it was time for a change of life’s pace and set out to find a new challenge for ourselves. So, we went on a mission from our home in Berkshire to Wales, finally narrowing down our choice of location to the West Wales region, where we have spent many a happy holiday and short break. (In fact, we spent our 1st wedding anniversary just a few miles from where we now live).

…Two years later and with numerous miles by car and multiple properties searched, we found our perfect spot and set out to build our dream. Our property, set in 9 acres of glorious countryside, with views that make your heart sing, is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Here we could create our ideal family orientated, dog-friendly, luxury glamping site. Small enough that we could cope with ourselves, but large enough that a multi-generational break would be possible for those who want to go on holiday together (but not necessarily be 24/7 under the same roof as their nearest and dearest!) – and of course enough accommodation for when our own family come to visit!

…Not happy with just offering our guests fabulous 5* accommodation, we wanted our glamping site to offer something ‘extra’ – totally unique – retro came to mind. Let’s face it, we are not spring chickens – go with what you know! We’re big music fans, so naming our LodgePods after iconic artists such as The Beatles, Queen and Madonna is a perfect fit for us. Hence Let’s Glamp Retro was born! A beautiful, all bells and whistles LodgePod, retro-themed for the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with fabulous views. You’re never going to see another place decorated quite like ours that’s for sure!

Well, as we all know, real-life can be a bit trickier than the ‘dream’ and even after a fairly good start with a positive planning pre-app, draining the (very wet) fields, creating an access track, installing electricity and sewage facilities, the planning process was long and often tedious and throwing in a few hurdles for us to jump along the way. However, we are a tenacious pair and with no intention of giving up, our determination finally paid off when in June 2020 full planning permission was granted! We were obviously over the moon and (despite already being in lockdown for 3 months) went full steam ahead getting our site ready for whenever visitors were going to be allowed in.

We all know what has been happening since then with the COVID-19 epidemic and now like everyone, we are hoping we will all be vaccinated soon * and get back to ‘real life’. We’re excited to welcome our guests as soon as we get the go-ahead and very much look forward to meeting you all.
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  •   * Dawn and Mark received their first Vaccine on Saturday 20th March and their second on June 2nd – We are double vaccinated ( but still can’t fly 🙁 )
  •   * Dawn and Mark received their booster jab on December 28th, still can’t fly, but we can now swim 🙂
Lets Glamp Retro
"Cheers Everyone"
Let's Glamp Retro Luxury Glamping in West Wales view in 2018
The view back in 2018
Let's Glamp Retro Luxury Glamping in West Wales view in 2023
A bit better now I think
Lets Glamp Retro
The newly dug out pond back in 2019
Lets Glamp Retro
and now look at it
Lets Glamp Retro
Billy (Buzzard)