Over the past 30+ years, my career in the beauty and fitness field has taken me on a fantastic journey around the world.

With my passion for my work and my love for travel, I have been very fortunate to visit beautiful countries whilst working on cruise ships and living on exotic islands whilst working in prestigious spas.

Now being back in beautiful wales my aim is to ensure a perfect treatment is received every time, always paying attention to high standards of customer care, maintain my valuable experience for a memorable stay at Let’s Glamp Retro, where you can

“Relax, refresh, recharge…. It’s a good day to have a good day”

Heather Biondi – Beauty & Wellbeing Therapist

Product Line – Earthbound organics by Jo Ordoñez

Made with love, this product line is produced in Wales where they grow the herbs and flowers that they use within their product range.  It’s the beautiful Welsh hill that brings about their inspiration for the products.

They use high quality and pure ingredients as they believe what goes on in your body also goes in.

Earthbound Organics are free from parabens.  The simplicity of their ingredients leaves the skin glowing with health and vitality.

“Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up –

 beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare”

Body Therapies: –

“Give your body a little love – it deserves it”

Body Glow Sea Salt Scrub                 (30 minutes)                              £35

This full-body exfoliation uses sea salt infused with essential oils that exfoliate the dry skin cells.  Complete this treatment with a skin drenching moisturiser or maybe self-tan application (extra).

Purifying back treatment               (60 minutes)                              £50

Using purifying essential oils to cleanse and unclog the skin, this treatment helps with problematic back zones.  It zones in on breakouts, helps clear blemishes whilst the detoxifying mask deep cleanses and remineralises the skin.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage             (30 minutes)                              £35

Deep relaxing massage using firm yet gentle movements to unblock tension in the neck, shoulders, face and scalp.  It helps to relieve headaches and eyestrain.

Earthbound Organics Massage             (30 minutes)                              £35

                                              (60 minutes)                             £50



Choosing between two Earthbound Organics oils, this treatment is designed to help stressed and aching muscles and has a relaxation effect.


“you’re one facial away from a good mood”

Earthbound Organics Facial            (60 minutes)                               £55

After a careful assessment of your skin, the products chosen will help target specific areas

Luxury Earthbound Organics Facial        (75 minutes)                               £60

Prior to your facial, a back massage and back analysis will be incorporated for extra pampering.

Mini Earthbound Organics Facial          (30 minutes)                               £30

All suitable for men and women


Eye Treatments:-

“Your eyes, our focus”

Eyelash tint                              £15

Eyebrow tint                             £10

Eyebrow shape & tint                    £20

Eyebrow wax & eyebrow tint            £20

Eyebrow wax & eyebrow tint

plus eyelash tint                          £28


Hands and Feet:-

“nails are one thing you can get into shape without exercise”

Manicure                                     (30 minutes)              £25

Luxury Manicure with paraffin wax           (60 minutes)              £40

Pedicure                                      (45 minutes)              £30

Luxury Pedicure with paraffin wax            (60 minutes)              £45

File and Polish                                (20 minutes)                  £15






“all is fair in love and wax – or keep calm and get your wax”


Lip and chin wax                              £6

Eyebrow wax                                         £15

Underarm wax                                        £10

Basic bikini                                            £12

G string bikini                                         £20

Full leg wax                                           £30

Half leg wax                                          £18

Back/chest wax                                       £25


Holiday Pampering Packages

Inc. choice of

                Glass of bubbly

                Lemon/mint/cucumber-infused water

Lemon & orange infused water

Herbal Teas

Tea or coffee

Choose from: –

Madonna Package                  (60 minutes)      £50

Queen Package                 (90 minutes)      £70

Beatles Package                (120 minutes)      £95

Choice of treatments: –

Massage                           (30 minutes)

Facial                                      (30 minutes)

Salt Scrub                                 (30 minutes)

Scalp massage                            (30 minutes)

Manicure                                (express)

Pedicure                                   (express)