There is a myriad of different things to do around our site. From watching the dolphins in New Quay or Seals in Cwmtydu to fine dining in Aberaeron.
If coastal path walking is your thing then the coast is just minutes away.
Entertain the kids with the best beaches. It’s free and reminds you of what holidays used to be all about.
Check out the wildlife at the Welsh Wildlife Centre.
Or fancy a lazy day – jump into the hot tub or relax on the social hammock. Some guests have even got up early and watched the sun rise over the rolling hills from the hammocks,
Let's Glamp Retro Luxury Glamping in West Wales Tropical Hangout social Hammock
Lets Glamp Retro
Do you like the view from the Hot Tub
If you love fishing then definitely have a look at Epic Fishing trips
It’s a great way to unwind and see the fabulous coastline, plus your more than likely to come home with some fish to cook on your Aquaforno 2 and see some dolphins (don’t eat them, though 🙂 ) 
Check out Tim’s introductory video
Take a little trip around the towns near Let’s Glamp Retro. Courtesy of Miss Hubnut our local vlogger
Fantastic Llangranog and the wonderful Pentre Arms
A quick trip around our lovely Cardigan Bay, all within 30 minutes of our site