National Carrot Cake day
It’s National Carrot Cake day! (in the USA) but we couldn’t wait for ‘International Carrot Cake Day’(3rd April for us in the UK), so we baked one anyway 😊. Who knew the humble Carrot Cake had its own days?
Whilst the Carrot Cake may not be particularly retro, rumour has it that in the Middle Ages the carrot’s natural sweetness may have been selected as a substitute when sugar was hard to find or expensive.
Anyway, any excuse to eat cake has got to be good eh? Not long till Black Forest Gateaux Day…….. 😊
Let’s Glamp Retro in the snow
The material girl is looking over her pond in the snow
It's cold out there, but cosy in Queen
Only for the brave
Its chilly outside.
It's even quieter in the snow
How nice does the site look in the the mirroring
This way to your LodgPods.
Ok, probably not the weather to eat outside
A snowy pond