Beatles are in the house
That's quite a big crane - Don't drop it PLEASE
Yep - the crane is definitely helping
Nice decor !!
Half a Beatle
Here comes the other half
I've seen more difficult jig saw's
Yep - It definitely fits
What do you think - too sombre ?
Billy the buzzard on St. David’s day

The sound of the circling buzzard is ever-present at Let’s Glamp Retro. It is a bit rarer to see 2 at once though.

If you look carefull you will see Billy in the tree above the Welsh Flag and his mate circling above
Willow Dome
Elsie said she would help
Now - that is expert circle drawing !!
Ok Mark - Put the splodge of white paint .... here
"Anybody can draw circles" says Elsie
Dawn and her Halo
Dawn knows where to plant the first willow
The first willows are in place
Yep - I'm happy with that
Well we enjoyed it. Hopefully all our lovely guests will too
Frogspawn – some even in the correct place
I'm pretty sure this should be in the pond
Definitely not supposed to be here
Now - these are NOT easy to pick up
I'll just throw you back with the rest shall I ?
Now this mum frog knows where to lay
As does this one
I think it will be a bumper year for the frogs
Good luck little spawn
National Carrot Cake day
It’s National Carrot Cake day! (in the USA) but we couldn’t wait for ‘International Carrot Cake Day’(3rd April for us in the UK), so we baked one anyway 😊. Who knew the humble Carrot Cake had its own days?
Whilst the Carrot Cake may not be particularly retro, rumour has it that in the Middle Ages the carrot’s natural sweetness may have been selected as a substitute when sugar was hard to find or expensive.
Anyway, any excuse to eat cake has got to be good eh? Not long till Black Forest Gateaux Day…….. 😊