Curating the inside of our Lodge Pods

How much fun can you have choosing the artefacts for our Lodge Pods

A must for Queen I think, don't you?
The only way to drink Bubbly
What a space saving idea - plus the pans are great too
Nice coat rack !!
A Night At The Opera, My favourite Queen album - It's a MUST !!!!
My favourite Queen album - a must I think !!!
Love it !! - Oh but there is no record player in Madonna. Answer .... Go and make friends with the guests staying in Beatles?

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Day 10 of the Build

The boys are doing a fantastic job

The templates for the concrete
Are you sure you want them here ?
Too late now if you don't like it 🙂
Yep - looks great !!!

A sneak preview of the inside of Queen

Have you ever seen a Gold Plated wall in a Lodge Pod?
Is that a window overlooking an everglade?
5 Days into the build
That's one big big hole !!
Shale, Shale and plenty of it 🙂
It's amazing what 2 big diggers and a dumper truck can do
All nice and flat
A late Christmas present for Dawn - A Road !!
The Second Day of the Build

Happy Days, the main digger driver – Mark has found shale about 2 meters down in the area we want to have a lake.

We will use this for the majority of the road. This will be a huge advantage for us as we :-

Let the Groundworks Begin
View up to the House
The Tree on the right is the right hand boundary for the Access Road
Keeping the Large Tree to the Left

Then a couple of hours later ……..

As if by Magic .....
and low and behold there was an entrance
Digging for gold - well shale actually (but it means the same to us)