It may be cold but it is Gorgeous
So it may well be cold -3 degree to be exact, but by heck is it gorgeous. It is the middle of December 2019 and we are still eagerly waiting for our planning permission. Still there are worse places to wait. 🙂
Our Local Hostelries in Late November

In The Welsh Wind

The Bar Area
Production Still
Customer Still

El Salsa

The special of the night
Ooooh it was soooo good

The Plwmp Tart

Now = that's what you call a pie
Rosewater and Pistachio cake - mmmm
Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings

The Pepper pot

Specials menu
Braised Beef
Irish Coffee
Autumn 2019
The pond looking very blue
The Pond from the LodgePods
Dawn planting 2000 daffs
Elsie checking out the pond
Yes Mark did help a bit !
Mark Oiling the Queen (oooh err )
Madonna has entered the building
Madonna from the second field
View with Utility block
Madonna from near the pond
Madonna on her own
Madonna from the side
Madonna and Queen from behind (It's not often you see the behinds of such royalty 🙂 )
Queen arrives
The first half of Queen
The second half of Queen
A two piece jig saw - Even I can complete that !
Left a bit - right a bit ....
Daaad, do you know the pod's on my foot. You hum it son and I'll play it
Yep - that'll just about do it
Sewage Treatment Plant
Our Sewage Treatment Plant arrives
"Give us a hand to unload this, chaps, would you ?"
"Sure - Marc, Just pick this up with your big digger please".
"Yes, That will do it, just swing it round and put it down over there".
"Keep going - nearly there".
"Perfect. Just plonk it down there would you"?